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04.5-05 LLY Duramax Stage 4 Performance Package (Stock Bottom End 600-700HP)

Pricing: $15,703.03

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We have put together all of the most popular components needed to be able to reach your desired performance level!

STAGE 4 Performance Package:

-BBP Autocal Tuner- To get the best reliability and performance out of your truck you will need to get a good tuner installed. Our BBP Autocal includes the latest and greatest calibrations for your truck that have been hand built and engineered to make your truck run at peak performance. Whether you are looking for good fuel economy or higher HP, our BBP Autocal will do the trick!

-PPE Fuel Race Valve- When increasing the performance of your truck the tuning will increase rail pressure. This increase in rail pressure will cause the stock return relief valve in the high pressure fuel system to release fuel pressure prematurely causing the truck to throw a low rail pressure code (P0087). This race valve is effectively a plug that goes in place of the relief valve.

-S&B Cold Air Intake-Dry or Oiled Filter- The stock intake system is very restrictive and is not optimal when adding performance to your truck. The S&B Cold Air Intake System will let the engine get the air it needs to be able to both increase MPG and power performance!

-S&B Mouthpiece- The stock mouthpiece is very restrictive and is not optimal when adding performance to your truck. The S&B Mouthpiece is a full flow design to allow your engine to breathe better.

-AirDog II 165 4G or FASS 150 Lift Pump- 01-16 Duramax never came with a lift pump from the factory so that means the CP3 pump has to work very hard in order to pull the fuel all the way from the tank. When you increase the performance of your truck it will desire more fuel in the upper tunes (Tune 4 and 5 at WOT) which causes the CP3 pump to not be able to keep up. When the CP3 can't keep up you may experience a P0087 code which is for low fuel rail pressure. By adding a lift pump you are now supplying pressurized fuel to the CP3 pump at 8-10psi which will help the truck not throw a P0087 code. The lift pump will also increase the longevity of your fuel system because it has built in fuel and water separator filters which filter down to 2 micron (your factory location fuel filter is 6 micron at best).

-EGR Blocker Plate- This is a thin plate that gets put between the EGR up-pipe riser and the back of the EGR cooler. This plate stops exhaust gasses from being recirculated back into the engine.

-MBRP Exhaust System- A diesel truck needs as little back pressure in the exhaust system as possible. To do this you must put a larger exhaust system on it to be able to add increased air flow aswell as get the nice exhaust tone that most are looking for out of their truck! If you are on the fence for what exhaust system to pick here are descriptions of each:
-4" with muffler- This is the most quiet exhaust you can get. Most times it is used for individuals that do not want to increase the sound of their truck much over stock. This exhaust is great for pulling trailers because it will not have exhaust drone while driving.
-4" without muffler- This exhaust is for the individual that wants to get some exhaust tone out of their truck while still not having it to loud or have to much exhaust drone while driving or pulling trailers. This 4" exhaust will have more turbo whistle than engine sound.
-5" with muffler- This exhaust is for the individuals that like to have a deeper exhaust tone out of their truck while still being somewhat quiet due to the muffler. You may experience some drone when cruising and/or pulling trailers. This 5" exhaust will have more engine sound than turbo whistle.
-5" without muffler- This is an exhaust for the individual that wants their truck to be as loud as possible. You will experience drone when cruising and/or pulling trailers with this exhaust. This 5" exhaust will have more engine sound than turbo whistle.

-MBRP Exhaust Tip- An exhaust tip is not needed but adds a nice finishing touch to an exhaust system. You can also accent the color of it with the theme you are going with on the truck!

-BBP-750 Series Built Transmission- For your truck to exceed past 135hp over stock tuning you must get a built transmission. Our 750 series transmission is built with the best parts available to ensure the best holding power.
Our BBP-750 Transmission includes:

- Alto Suncoast Clutches and Steels

- Transgo Shift Kit

- Ratio Tek Pump Pressure Spring Kit

- Goerend C3 Oiler PTO Covers w/drilled oil passages

- New Gaskets and Filters w/Suncoast Filter Lock

- Billet Stator Goerend Triple Disc Converter of your choice

This 750 series transmission is great for anyone that doesn't want to go into bottom end work on their engine. The stock bottom end of the motor and the 750 series transmission have about the same holding power before failing.

If wanting to push past stock bottom end limits (750hp+) then you will have to upgrade to our 1000 series transmission. The only difference between the 750 series and the 1000 series is the use of billet internal parts and billet shafts. This is because the stock shafts and c2 clutch hub are only good to about 750hp before they start to fail. Both of our 750 and 1000 series transmissions use the same clutch kits.

Converter choices:

Goerend is a producer of leading transmission components and torque converters
Their converters are engineered to provide the best possible performance and reliability available.
Each and every converter is built in relation to what it will be used for to get the best result out of them.
The HD converters all have billet stators in them which means they will take any abuse you can put them threw.
Converter options:
- Billet "G"- 1800rpm Stall (Great converter for street/towing/competition use with any stock drop in replacement turbo)
- Billet "R"- 2200rpm Stall (Great converter for steet/towing/competition with a little higher rpm stall for larger direct replacement turbos or S300/S400 Turbos
- Billet "K"- 2500rpm Stall (Great converter for Hot Street/Competition for a truck that has a larger harder spooling turbo)
- Billet "Q"- 3000rpm Stall (This converter is mainly used in Competition trucks such as sled pulling where larger turbos need to have time to be spooled off the line)

- Exergy 12mm Stroker CP3 Pump- This pump will allow plenty of fuel rail pressure to get your truck up into the 700HP mark. The stock pump would not be able to keep fuel rail pressure up to the ecm desired amount at this HP level.

- ARP Headstuds- When upgrading turbo size it is a good idea to headstud your engine to withstand the higher cylinder pressures. If you fail to do so you would run the risk of blowing headgaskets.

- MBRP Downpipe- This downpipe will allow your turbo to breath better. The factory downpipe is smashed down and restrictive causing higher egts

- Danville 68mm Stg2r Turbo- This 68mm turbo will supply your engine with much more air compared to the factory Garrett. You will also notice some more turbo whistle under acceleration.

- WCFAB High Flow EGR Delete + Driver Side Pipe- These larger intercooler pipes will help feed more air into the engine by reducing restriction in the charge air system.

- Exergy 45% Injectors- Larger 45% over injectors will provide your engine with enough fuel to push up to the 700HP mark.


1 Year unlimited warranty on all parts in this performance package.


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  • 45.0 lbs.
  • W19.0000” x H12.0000” x L60.0000”

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